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  • NEAObs: NEA Observation Planning Aid

    Use the form below to prepare a list of NEAs suitable for observation according to user-specified criteria that are to be selected from the options below.

    Observing date option:

    Planned date of observation : UT

    Observability options:

    RA range = to

    Decl. range = to

    Magnitude range = to V

    Motion range = to

    Solar elong. = to deg

    Lower galactic latitude limit = deg

    Uncertainty options:

    Current uncertainty = +/- to arcseconds

    Consider uncertainties

    Only show objects not seen in more than days

    Object type options:

    VIs PHAs Atens Apollos Amors

    Object status options:

    Numbered objects
    Multiple-opposition unnumbered objects
    Current opposition 1-opp unnumbered objects
    Previous opposition 1-opp unnumbered objects

    Ignore objects that are brightening at solar elongations greater than deg. and that are currently brighter than V

    Don't display labels in object list

    Result sorting options:

    Sort selected objects by in order

    MPES options:

    Observatory code =

    Number of ephemeris dates = Ephemeris interval =

    Ephemeris units: days hours minutes seconds

    Display positions in: truncated sexagesimal or full sexagesimal or decimal units

    Total motion and direction
    Separate R.A. and Decl. coordinate motions
    Separate R.A. and Decl. sky motions
    Display motions as: "/sec "/min "/hr deg/day

    Return 1-line MPC format elements

    Cookie option:

    Remember these settings